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McRel Evaluation System

Purpose of the Evaluation
The intended purpose of McREL’s Teacher Evaluation System is to assess the teacher’s performance in relation to the Professional Teaching Standards and to guide the creation of a plan for professional growth. The principal/evaluator, with the active participation of the teacher, will conduct the evaluation process through the use of teacher self-assessment reflection, presentation of artifacts, and classroom demonstration(s).

McREL’s Teacher Evaluation System will:
- Serve as a measurement of performance for individual teachers;
- Serve as a guide for teachers as they reflect upon and improve their effectiveness;
- Serve as the basis for instructional improvement;
- Focus the goals and objectives of schools and districts as they support, monitor, and evaluate their teachers;
- Guide professional development programs for teachers;
- Serve as a tool in developing coaching and mentoring programs for teachers;
- Enhance the implementation of the approved curriculum; and
- Inform higher education institutions as they develop the content and requirements for teacher training programs.