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Middle States Accreditation

Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools:
EHS Recommended Full Accreditation 

Edison High School has received a prestigious acknowledgement as a top academic secondary school.

Middle States Association describes accreditation as, “an external, objective validation of school quality and student achievement that fosters continuous school improvement.”  The Edison High School Planning Team led by Mr. Ross, Mr. Ferrara, Ms. Kesselman, and Mrs. Méndez-Bogash consisted of Ms. Egan, Mrs. Blevins, Ms. Degenshein, Ms. Henry, Mr. Steffner, Mrs. Kruty, Board of Education President Mr. Maeroff, and two student representatives Ridwan Khan and Inês Protasio. Together this cohesive team worked together for 18 months to prepare the self-study and determine Edison High School’s academic objectives and corresponding action plans.

At the conclusion of the weeklong visit, Mr. Patrick Impreveduto, the chairperson of the Middle States Accreditation Visiting Team, announced, “This Validation Team is very pleased to recommend to the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools that Edison High School be granted Full Accreditation for the next seven years.” Among the major strengths of EHS, the final report praised the “administrative structure that provides for the smooth operation of a large high school,” “the breadth and depth of programs that are offered to students at all levels,” and the “ability to make a big school seem small.” Additionally, EHS teachers were praised for their passion, dedication, and rigorous instruction that consistently engages students. Lastly, it was deemed that Edison High School is in the midst of a rapid upward spiral, which is why we are eager to begin implementing our action plans to continue the school’s academic advancement.