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Health Office

The Edison High School Health Office is responsible for the health and well being of our students, staff members, and visitors. Patients are seen in order of arrival, however, that may change in an emergency situation. Emergency wound care and Asthma patients will take priority.

Our nurses are responsible for maintaining the State Health Record (a45). This includes monitoring and maintaining all immunization records as well as all required screenings from the State Board of Health. All students must have a height and weight measurement as well as a blood pressure and pulse check once a year. All grade nine and eleven students are screened for scoliosis. All grade ten students undergo a vision exam. We report abnormalities to parents or guardians for follow-up to the student’s private physician. All athletes must submit a sports physical to the nurse who in turn reviews it and clears the athlete for participation in our interscholastic sports programs.

Laura Matonis, R.N., BSN, CSN
(732) 650-5200 Ext. 5204

Laura Golda, R.N.
(732) 650-5200 Ext. 5205

Paolo Marano, R.N.
(732) 650-5200 Ext. 5278

The Health and Wellness Office is open from 7:20 am to 2:45pm daily.