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NCAA Google Classroom
Mrs. Zavistoski has a Google Classroom set-up for EHS Student-Athletes planning on playing a sport in college. To get started, the classroom code is: fzfgbou


NCAA Eligibility Presentation
Attention student-athletes: considering playing a sport in college? Take a look at the following presentation prepared by former Eagle and current Assistant Compliance Director at Rutgers University, Matt Suydam addressing the basics of NCAA recruiting and initial eligibility. 


NCAA Recruitment/Eligibility

The following documents and presentations will assist colleges, the high school community, coaches, as well as students and parents with the initial eligibility, recruiting and college selection processes. Please use the links below to access this valuable information.

NCAA Response to COVID-19

Registering a Student Account

NCAA Core Course List/Timeline Schedule (2019-2020)

NCAA Guide Book (2019-2020)

NCAA Division Breakdown (2019-2020)

- Division 1 Academic Requirements (2019-2020)

- Division 1 Recruiting Guide (2019-2020)

- Division 2 Academic Requirements (2019-2020)

In order for an athlete's transcript to be submitted to the NCAA Clearinghouse, the NCAA Transcript Release Form needs to be personally handed to Mrs. Zavistoski in the EHS Counseling Office.

2018 Recruiting Tip Sheet - Football

2018 Recruiting Tip Sheet - Basketball

2018 Recruiting Tip Sheet - Olympic Sports