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Scholarships, student programs and contests will be managed in Naviance. Students can access these opportunities by logging in to their Naviance account. Parents and guests can access this information by visiting: student.naviance.com/edisonhs and either (1) log-in using your Family Connection parent account or (2) by clicking on "I'm a Guest"; the password is ehsparent. Parents can also request a parent account by contacting their child's counselor. Once in the site, simply click on the "Colleges" tab and scroll down to the section on scholarships for scholarship lists and scholarship search engines. This information will be updated periodically.In addition, scholarship information can be found on our Counseling Newsletter.

NJ STARS 2019 Fact Sheet
The New Jersey Student Tuition Assistance Reward Scholarship (NJ STARS) Program is an initiative created by the State of New Jersey that provides NJ's highest achieving students with free tuition at their home county college. This fact sheet provides valuable information about this program.

College Board Opportunity Scholarships
Starting with the Class of 2020, College Board introduced a new program to provide students with an opportunity to earn microscholarships by achieving specific milestones in their college preparation. Additional information can be found by using the title link above or through this article

College Peas Scholarship
College Peas Student Standout College Scholarship is for the student who has something special that makes them different from their peers. We recommend engaging in a special kind of activity – a Non-Teenager Activity or NTA. An NTA is, quite simply, any activity that other teenagers don’t typically do. By choosing an NTA you will differentiate yourself in a way that will have a very positive impact on your chances of getting into college. We are always looking for good examples of NTA’s and if you have one, you have a shot at this scholarship.

Going Merry and University HQ
Two platforms for a variety of scholarship searches.

Scholarship Opportunities for Undocumented Students
For a listing of scholarships that do not require proof of citizenship or residency.