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Financial Aid Information

The Financial Aid Night this year (Class of 2020) was held on September 19th.

Click here for Important FAFSA Tips! 

How to Create a FSA ID

The student and parent must create a FSA ID in order to "sign" the FAFSA application before submitting.

Workshops available at Middlesex County College (Edison and New Brunswick campuses) to assist families complete and submit the FAFSA for 2020-2021 (Fall entry for the Class of 2020). HESAA also hosts workshops for parents throughout the fall, dates and locations can be accessed via this link.

A helpful step-by-step guide on the FAFSA application

New Jersey Alternative Financial Aid Application
The New Jersey Alternative Financial Aid Application allows NJ Dreamers enrolled in eligible NJ colleges and universities to apply for state financial aid. There is still time to apply for this Spring Semester. For eligibility criteria and to apply, please visit the HESAA website.

Guaranteed Scholarships - Resource for Scholarships
A resource to find scholarships guaranteed by nearly 100 colleges to students who meet the individual listed criteria for each. No essays, projects, recommendations or other secondary criteria are required. And, in almost all cases, there are no limits to the number of scholarships awarded. Students who meet the published criteria for a scholarship and attend the college offering it receive it.

NJ Community College Opportunity Grant
CCOG (Community College Opportunity Grant) - a pilot program for students whose parents have income of 45K or lower may be eligible for a grant to their community college, MCC is one of the 13 participating community colleges. For addiitonal information, please visit their website.

NJ Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA):http://www.hesaa.org/

  • Financial Aid Dictionary - This booklet is provided by HESAA to assist students and their families with essential financial terms when applying for a college education.
  • 8 Steps to Apply for Financial Aid - A quick summary of the process to apply for federal and state financial aid.
  • Top Ten Tips for College-This is a booklet to provided by HESAA regarding the top ten tips on making college affordable.
  • State Aid Information-This booklet highlights the major State and federal student aid programs. However, student financial assistance is also available through institutions and private sources. You should work closely with your campus financial aid office regarding the availability of student aid funds.
  • HESSA Student Loan Guide - The Student Loan Guide provides general student loan information to assist students and their families in planning and paying for a post secondary education through the use of student loans.  This guide contains information that covers the Federal Loan programs, New Jersey’s state loan program-NJCLASS, and information on other alternative private loan options.
  • Plan for College - Resources and information on planning for the cost of  college.
  • Money Management- Good financial habits don’t start after you leave school; they begin now. During school, you can develop the necessary skills that will assist you with money management.
  • Financial Aid Award Packages Comparison Chart - Use this chart to compare financial aid award letters from each school.  The amount of financial aid will vary from school to school. Review each school's award notice carefully - ask if grants and scholarships are renewable for future years.

HESAA Hotline(609) 584-4480 or 1(800) 792-8670
Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm; Friday 8am-5pm


Financial Aid Glossary
FAFSA, net price, priority date — you may come across some unfamiliar terms as you start looking into and applying for financial aid. Here is a glossary to help you make sense of it all!