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I am so glad Michael was a part of the AVID program – it has helped mold him into the person he is as he leaves Edison High School.  I am sure I am not the only parent to say that Michael is so proud to be part of this program.  I am amazed at how this insecure and awkward boy who was so unsure of himself has become a secure, driven and determined young man in the past four years.  This program has taught him how to prepare for college and the tools he will need to succeed. 


Four years ago I even thought to myself, as the AVID Program was visiting colleges and preparing for SAT's, these children have time – but time went VERY, VERY fast!  The program gave Michael the opportunity to apply for 8 different schools (which he was accepted to all 8) and helped him get the most out of what he was looking for.  I am happy to say that he will be attending Misericordia University in Dallas, PA studying Communications and will be doing what he ultimately always dreamed of doing in college (along with getting a great education) – playing football!  We could not be prouder of him and everything he has accomplished in the past four years at EHS.  I know he will be in touch and will miss EHS and the teachers he had.  Since he was always a voice for AVID during the past four years at EHS, I am sure if you ever need him to speak or help (time allowing him), he would be there.  He would love to give back to the program that gave him so much.

Good luck with this program in the future!

Dana Diakunczak (mother of Michael Diakunczak, Class of 2016)


Thank-you for allowing me to express how proud I am of my daughter, Megan Cranston and her accomplishments. AVID program truly helped Megan to focus on studying. Studying is a learned technique not taught in schools.  Megan was a lackadaisical student before AVID.  If it were not for AVID, I don't think she would have gone as far as she did to receive over 7 scholarships to 7 different colleges. Every single college (all 15 of them) accepted Megan. In fact, Megan has been trying to get her younger brother to follow her footsteps in AVID.  Megan would get much more guidance in AVID than in regular classes (such as, what was really the lesson about, not just facts but the idea, or how best to approach assignments.)  The motivated and dedicated AVID team is wonderful.  I give so much credit to AVID for Megan's success!

Thank you for the hard work.  Your success is seen by the student's success.

Wendy Sergeant (mother of Megan Cranston, Class of 2016)


The AVID program has truly been an amazing and rewarding experience for my daughter, Christan. Through AVID, she has developed great study habits. She is also more self-efficient and determined to become successful . I am extremely grateful for this program. Through AVID, my daughter is more prepared for  her transition into college. I would like to thank the wonderful AVID staff for everything they have done for my daughter. AVID has played a key role in her academic success.

Christa R. Phaire (mother of Christan Phaire, Class of 2016) and Chad Phaire (Class of 2018)


Joining the AVID program my sophomore year was the best decision I made. The hunger for striving to be the best person I can be  and my motivation to work hard at all times came to me because of AVID. AVID taught me that nothing worthwhile comes easily and so it is because of this lesson that I am attending Rutgers University Newark as a pre-pharmacy major.

The [EHS AVID Site Team] scholarship helped me pay for my books and parking. The award is also a reminder that hard work pays off in the end.

Stephany Said, EHS Class of 2016. EHS AVID Site Team Scholarship Recipient. Pre-Pharmacy Major at Rutgers University—Newark College of Arts and Sciences.


Although I took a different path than many of my other peers in AVID being that I enlisted in the Army right after high school, the skills I learned in AVID such as attention to detail and the importance of proper note taking helped me get to where I am at right now. Due to my motivation and eagerness to learn in AVID, I am studying now for my promotion board to make the rank of Sergeant hopefully in 2 years; a feat that normally takes one 4 years or more to accomplish. In addition, I am using the skills and study habits that I learned in avid to pursue my education both online and in the classroom so that I will come out of the Army in 4 years with my bachelor's degree in Criminology and become a Parole Officer.                                               I    

Joseph Kanevsky (EHS AVID Class of 2016)


The AVID program has played a large part in my high school career, from note-taking and study skills to college campus tours to participating in the AVID Summer Institute for the last three years. The Institute takes place in Philadelphia over the course of three days and involves selected student leaders discussing their AVID experiences with teachers and administrators from different schools. Through this, I gained a sense of leadership and became more comfortable speaking in front of larger crowds.

AVID has also helped me to become a much better student and challenge myself more. Being chosen to be a part of this program meant a lot to me because someone saw that I had the potential to move up academically and be successful, even in challenging courses.

Christan Phaire, EHS Class of 2016. Gene Maeroff AVID Memorial Scholarship Recipient. Health Science Major at the New York Institute of Technology.


I feel that I have learned to be such a strong and self-motivated young woman because of the wonderful influence that the AVID team at Edison High School has had on my life. I have been involved in Edison AVID since my freshman year of high school and I can safely say that because of their guidance and support,  I am not only a much better student but an individual as well. The amount of time and energy that the AVID staff put into the program and their students is worthy of recognition and I am truly honored to say that I was part of it all. Without their support in every sense of the word, I strongly believe that I would not be the same person that I am today.

During my first AVID class, I remember my then AVID teacher explaining to my class that throughout our high school careers we would come to know AVID as a family. Only now as a high school graduate do I realize just how true her words were. Even on my worst days I knew that the wonderful members of AVID, staff and students alike, would be there to help me through. It is because them that I excelled and grew into who I am supposed to be in high school, and did not just manage to scrape by like the majority of my peers.

Samantha Watsey, EHS Class of 2016. Gene Maeroff AVID Memorial Scholarship Recipient. Biology Major at Rutgers University—Newark College of Arts and Sciences.