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Edison High School’s Technology Department is comprised of four teachers that teach seven different Technology Classes.  The classes include:   Architectural Drawing, Auto Technology, Communications Technology / Photography, Electronics, Engineering Design, Materials Processing and Technology Fundamentals.  All classes are a full year elective which meets the five credit graduation requirement for a Career Education.


Architectural Drawing provides students with principals and techniques essential to architectural drawing and design.  Students work with computer aided software to design architectural structures.   They then construct scale models of their designs.

Maintenance and repair of today’s complex automobile systems requires highly skilled and trained technicians. Students in Auto Technology class will use the latest in test equipment and procedures in a hands-on laboratory classroom while gaining a more thorough understanding of the automotive industry. Students will troubleshoot and problem-solve while working on various cars during the course of the year. Topics covered include Automotive Shop Safety and basic automotive maintenance and repair. Many of the skills in this course are transferable to other technical fields.

Communication Technology / Photograph are a full year course that is a combination of traditional black and white film photography, digital photography and computer graphics.  This course provides a basic understanding of the technical aspects of black and white photography.  The digital photography unit is designed to show how to use a digital camera to capture images and the computer to edit, manipulate and produce top quality digital photography images for both the Internet and printing.  In the computer graphics portion of the class students use computers, in combination with text, graphics and various software programs to produce professional quality publications, illustrations, and web-related technology for print, film and animation.

In Electronics Technology Students explore AC and DC circuits, various electronic components and circuit design.  Throughout the course, students work with tools and machines to prototype electronics projects.   In advanced electronics Students explore sound-operated circuits, strobe lights, LEDs, motors and robotics.  Alternative energy such as photovoltaic solar cells and wind turbines are explored.

In Engineering Design, teams of students work on open-ended engineering projects. Lessons are taught to represent real-world engineering design problems in a specific engineering discipline. Topics covered include introduction to basic engineering design elements, processes, measurements, product and project design and development, with hands-on experiments in a specific major area. Students also learn to use engineering tools for computer-aided design and simulation.

Materials processing is designed to give students practical knowledge about the way humans convert various materials into useful products. The course focuses on processing a variety of materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and composites through techniques of forming, separating, combining, and conditioning. Hands-on activities will include product design, product layout, hand and machine tool use, fastening, finishing, and school and community involvement.

Technology Fundamentals is designed for students interested in all areas of design and technology.  It’s an exploratory program that emphasizes a conceptual understanding of the knowledge and processes that people utilize to satisfy human wants and needs. Students in Technology Fundamentals will gain the ability to use, manage, asses, and understand the major technological systems of our society. 


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