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The focus of the English program is to help students achieve a level of reading and writing literacy that will enable them to participate fully in their educational and personal lives. Toward this end, we require students to read increasingly more complex and varied texts (literature and informational) and to extend their understanding of these texts through writing--argument, informative or explanatory, and narrative.  With course content stressing the integrated study of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language usage, teachers emphasize close reading skills, citing textual evidence, research, and communication (spoken, written, visual, graphic).   


Students at Edison High School are required to successfully complete four years of English as per New Jersey Student Learning Standards for ELA (http://www.state.nj.us/education/cccs/2016/ela/).  These courses are offered at three levels of instruction: academic, accelerated and honors. Students are recommended into these levels based on standardized test scores, grades, and teacher recommendation.  In addition, we offer two AP classes in the junior and senior years. A detailed analysis of the department’s course offerings is available in the program of studies. 


Our English teachers are highly trained and carefully selected for their knowledge of subject matter, skills, strategies and curriculum design. Teachers in the English department attend in and out of district workshops throughout the school year to provide our students with the most recent instructional strategies and to perfect their daily and unit lesson plans. Currently, our teachers are focusing on integrating technology into the curriculum as a way to communicate better with both students and parents.


Harriet Sideris

Supervisor of English